Luthiers' exhibition

22 to 26 of March 2011

The Luthier Center


From 22 to 26 of March 2011 the Luthiers' exhibition was held, organized by The Luthier Center in Rousse coinciding with the annual International Music Festival “March Music Days”.


The exhibition was attended by Bulgarian and Romanian luthiers, exhibiting their works - violins, violas and cellos. At the exhibition were also submitted acoustic and electric guitars, accessories and supplies for stringed instruments.


The Luthier Center


Local and foreign artists (Prof. E. Kazakova, A. Scholz, F. Sheitanov) participated in the exhibition with their virtuosity to help play and compare the qualities of certain instruments for the general public as well as responding to the desire of owners and producers to receive comments on their instruments.


The Luthier Center


The exhibition provided also free advice and help to the visitors and participating luthiers, as well as skilled assistance and services from the Luthier Center to the participants in March Music Days.


World famous Belgian luthier - expert Jan Strick was also a guest and participant in the exhibition, providing his expert assessment on string instruments submitted by visitors from all over Bulgaria.


The Luthier Center


Interest in the exhibition by the public, including visitors from Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv, Sliven, Sandanski, etc., makes us believe that this is a good start, which will continue to develop.


The second in the series of this exhibition is planned to be held in the autumn of this year.

Project TLC


June 2016
An existing cheap acoustic guitar of Dreadnought type was almost completely redesigned according to the customer’s wishes to improve its acoustic qualities.