Belgium luthier Jan Strick - guest of March Luthiers Fair in Rousse

25 Jan 2011

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  • The Luthiers Centre

We are pleased to announce that during the International Music Festival March Music Days in Rousse, Bulgaria, and related to the participation of the Luthier Centre in it, our guest of honor, as well as to the entire music community and the festival will be Mr. Jan Strick from Belgium - one of the most prominent representatives of contemporary luthiers art! Mr. Strick is well known to the world’s luthier society as well as in Bulgaria (, and we honor his participation in an event organized by the Luthier Centre.


Within two days (24 and 25 March) in Europe Hall at the building of the Municipal Theatre in Rousse (The Profitable Building) where will be held the festival this year, Mr. Strick will be available to the large public for free expertise, apprising and certification of the presented to him stringed instruments.


Highly valuating the expert opinion of Mr. Strick in this area as well as his gesture to us, expressed through his presence and participation in our event, we invite all interested to visit our exhibition and benefit from the information provided by Mr. Strick’s expertise, to explore the opportunity to learn more about your own instrument and to gain a real idea of its value.


The precise program of Mr. Strick will be published shortly on the website of the Luthier Centre. Watch our news there for this as well as for many other upcoming pleasant surprises!

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