Luthiers Trade Fair 2011

22.03. – 26.03.2011

Europe hall, The Profitable House

Rousse, Bulgaria


From 22 to 26 March the first luthierie fair to be held in Bulgaria will bring together makers, sellers, suppliers and buyers from all over the Western Balkan region. Stands will be available to rent at very reasonable prices and the fair is timed to happen during the prestigious 51st; internationally acclaimed annual festival March Musical Days in Rousse. This annual festival brings together thousands of musicians and fans from across the world and provides you with the perfect opportunity to reach a wide public. This year’s festival features stringed bowed instruments and by clicking on the link here you can access the Festival programme.


We expect a high demand for the stands which will be located at Europe Hall in the Municipal Theatre, venue for a large number of the events of the Festival and centrally located in the main Square of Rousse. In addition, The Luthiers Centre will be manning a specialist "help desk" in the Theatre where any of the musicians attending the Festival can get help or advice.


Contact us to book your stand by email or in writing, A 5% deposit of the cost will be required on booking, the balance payable two weeks before the start date. Fees are non-refundable.


Program 23 March



Bring your violins and cellos to be played by professional Musicians Professor Elli Kazakova - violin (Bulgaria) and Madame Anna Scholz - cello (Hungary) in Europe Hall, starting at 10:00. The sessions will finish around 15:00 h.


Each instrument will be played anonymously, unless its maker wants to be identified. The musicians will comment on the musical qualities of each instrument and qualified luthiers will be on hand to give technical reviews.


A great opportunity to learn what makes a good instrument. This session should interest students and teachers of music, members of orchestras, individual musicians as well as luthiers and repairers.




Program 24 - 25 March



Bring your violins, violas and cellos to be valued by an international specialist – Mr JAN STRICK from the "Maison Bernard" in Brussels who will be visiting the Luthiers Fair in the Europe Hall, starting at 17:00 on 24 March and continuing from 10:00 on 25 March until around 17:00. No appointments are needed – just turn up with your instrument!


Each instrument will be examined by Mr Strick and his fellow luthiers and he will give an approximate idea of the market value of the instrument. This valuation service is completely FREE of CHARGE.


A great opportunity to learn what makes a valuable Instrument!

This session should interest students and teachers of music, members of orchestras, individual musicians as well as sellers of instruments, luthiers and repairers.


The Luthiers' Trade Fair Program

22nd of March Trade Fair opening!
09:00-12:00h. – stands preparing. 12:00 – 13:30 – briefing (press conference)
23rd of March Trade Fair continues.
Performing - Mrs. Anna Scholz and Prof. Eli Kazakova
Performance is from 10:00h. till 15:00h.
24th of March Trade Fair continues.
Mrs. Jan Strick – 17:00 – 19:00h. – evaluation of music instruments.
25th of March Trade Fair continues.
Mrs. Strick – 10:00h. – 19:00h. – evaluation of music instruments.
26th of March Trade Fair closing!
09:00 – 12:00 – stands replacing.


Luthier's services will be provided on regular and urgent bases for the participants in March Music Days throughout the whole event (16 - 02.04). Contacts: 08888 9 55 66




Instructions to stand holders

Project TLC


June 2016
An existing cheap acoustic guitar of Dreadnought type was almost completely redesigned according to the customer’s wishes to improve its acoustic qualities.