Press release

March 2013

Danube Center for Arts and Crafts


On 15 and 16 April 2013 in Ruse, Hotel "Riga", will be held the inauguration of the newly created "Danube Center for Arts and Crafts." The initiative for its establishment belongs to local structures such as Regional Chamber of Crafts, The Luthiers Center in Ruse and others who found the new Association, called "Danube Center for Arts and Crafts." The manager of the new Association, Mr. Stefan Petkov, and Chairman of the Regional Chamber of Crafts in Rousse: "- Jointly and along with the local Crafts Chamber our Association will work to exploit the opportunities offered by the Danube Strategy development that Bulgaria, together with other member states is going to meet. We are particularly interested in cultural tourism. We believe that tourism in this part of the river will develop not just by political speaking, but when something new and interesting is happening in this area. Therefore, as representatives of local organizations, we decided to create this Center, which will serve not only Russe, but also other cities and areas in the Danube Region ".


The first event on 15 and 16 April, organized by the Centre is a two-day workshop with demonstrations and exhibitions devoted to Danube arts and crafts. The visitors will be able to see demonstrations of carpets, metal arts, jewelry, stringed instruments etc. There will be an exhibition and show of the renowned artist Stavri Kalinov as well as styling and fashion show. Attendees of the event will be able to see and purchase works of local arts and crafts, and to take a personal part in some demonstrations.


Arts and crafts are a significant sector in the EU economy, despite the fact that they are represented mainly by small and medium enterprises and family businesses. The works of arts and crafts and offering services in thas area are attractive to the tourists and contribute to the development of both local and national economy. Danube Center for Arts and Crafts intends to use for their future performances and exhibitions spaces in the center of Ruse, which are now being renovated, and also to offer training in various arts and crafts.


"- We cannot expect the State or the local government to take initiatives of this kind - says I. Voykov, Director of The Luthiers Center in Ruse, one of the founders of DAC. We want to protect and promote local arts and crafts before it's too late, and to engage in this process local people. "


The event will held two competitions - a competition for the best photography on Danube theme and a contest for the best logo representing and symbolizing the arts and crafts in the lower Danube. Both categories have incentive awards and first prizes are 150 Euros - a sum vastly less than the establishment of a national logo, but with expected better results.


We expect participants and speakers from various organizations from Germany, Belgium, France, Slovakia, Romania and others, as well as representatives of the Bulgarian municipalities in the Danube region. The event ended with a cocktail, on which will be announced the results of competitions.


Visitors and participants can receive their invitations on the day of the event during the registration in Riga Hotel or in advance at the office of the Regional Chamber of Crafts, 28, "Alexandrovska" Str., 3rd floor.


Contact persons:

Stefan Petkov, GSM 0888 401 460,

Ivo Voykov, GSM 0888 895 566


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