SkyStrat Project

December 2012

The SkyStrat project is the elaboration on the idea and a wish of a client of ours to combine the qualities of various types of guitars, uniting their specific possibilities into a common, richer and more versatile functionality.


This concept underlies all further construction decisions, design, choice of materials and components used, electronics, methods of construction, including the finish.


The guitar presented is a double cut-away, bolt-on-neck construction, based on some Alembic and Fender models, respectively changed according to the client’s demands and wishes. This model is unique and not intended for industrial production or commercial purposes.


The body is made as a triple sandwich of naturally dried walnut roots (top and back) and African mahogany (middle). Both materials are separated by triple layered veneer (maple/walnut/maple).


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The choice of the materials is dictated firstly by acoustic and only after that – by aesthetic considerations.


Frequency characteristics of walnut and mahogany are relatively close, but they have also their own differences, with which they complement and enrich the qualities of the instrument sought by us.


The neck and the fingerboard are made of quarter sawn maple, 22 frets Stainless Steel Dunlop 6100, glued headstock (15 degrees), 3 + 3 tuning machines. Prior to the moment of production, maple with the described quality was not available on the local market, therefore the neck was bought from Warmoth USA, additionally processed and complete in TLC.


The passive electronics include 3 pick-ups Seymour Duncan (Cool Rails, Hot Rails, Hot Rails), 4 pots – one volume control and three tone controls (all of them push-pull), as well as 3 three-way lever switches (on-off-on).


The three lever switches determine the mode of working of the pick-ups (single coil/humbucker) as well as their combinations, and the push-pull function of the pots – their dephasing. In all modes the tone controls are active, which makes possible combinations hard to count.


The entire shielding of the electronic is made of conductive copper foil.


Special attention is paid to calculating positions of the pick-ups as to the harmonics displacement.


The Bridge is Schaller 3D Chrome Flat Non Tremolo Roller, with adjustable spacing and lock. Tuning machines are Schaller Mini Locking Tuner Chrome.


The knobs for all pots, covers of the lever switches and the mounting rings of the pick-ups are made of the same walnut. From it are made also the headstock plate, truss rod cover, control cavity cover plate as well as the position dots on the fingerboard.


Ivory is used for the lever knobs, the nut as well as for the volume indicating dots on the volume and tone control knobs’ upper surface.


The entire finish is a nitrocellulose lacquer, satin. The exception to that is the fingerboard, finished with epoxy lacquer.


SkyStrat Project




Overall length: 960 mm

Body thickness: 38 mm

Scale: 647,7 mm (25,5 ")

Nut width: 47 mm

Radius: Compound, 10/16 "

Relief : 0.25 mm (7th fret)

Strings: GHS Boomers .10 - .46

Action: Е - 2,0 mm, е - 1,4 mm

Pick-ups: E – 2,0 mm, e – 1,6 mm



Project TLC


June 2016
An existing cheap acoustic guitar of Dreadnought type was almost completely redesigned according to the customer’s wishes to improve its acoustic qualities.