Who we are


The Luthiers Centre in Sofia is developed as a result of the Eufonia project co- financed by the European Commission under the 2007-2013 Culture Programme together with Espace Formation pme, Belgium, the Municipality of Sofia, Bulgaria, Fundatia Art Production and the Ministry of Culture of Romania.


The aim of the project was to raise awareness of the profession of luthier in Europe, to encourage the young to enter the profession and to develop networks and links between Luthiers. It also aims to bring closer together those who make instruments and those who play them and to encourage top class musicians to buy modern European instruments.


After the competition to find the best violin, viola, cello and double bass made by hand, including instruments made by students and apprentices, the winning instruments were shown in concerts in Vilnius, Linz, Brussels, Bucharest and Sofia. A series of workshops and training opportunities was organized in both Romania (Reghin and Bucharest) and in Bulgaria (Sofia) with an exhibition of the winning instruments in the Museum George Enescu in Bucharest.


As part of the project, a Centre has been established at the border between Bulgaria and Romania, on the Danube, symbolically linking the two countries having still a thriving community of Luthiers. This Centre will provide a range of services and become a focal point for luthierie in the region.


The Centre is a not for profit organization, run by expert Luthiers for the benefit of the musical and luthierie fraternities. It aims to promote the craft of luthierie and encourage young people to enter the profession of both making and restoring stringed instruments.

Project TLC


June 2016
An existing cheap acoustic guitar of Dreadnought type was almost completely redesigned according to the customer’s wishes to improve its acoustic qualities.